Why should we believe we have no ulterior motive ?


The objective of this book is based on four poles

hygiene, respect, discipline and savoir-vivre. So that with

each individual there are three values, good morality

and the maintenance of the physical

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What modesty and Humility ! (p-15)

  • First of all an a young servant of a Divine God colling himself Almighty and who will remain the most generous. I take this opportunity, in order to enrich, with o few possible words, by God’s permission, so that any reader, and reader may miss the three of the theme and I I hope this brings spiritual richness to different cultuces in their afferent or hidden ads of worship etc..

Jusqu’à………………. Muslina

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A propos de l'auteur : Die Familie Gaza und Idrisse

Die Familie Gaza und Idrisse

My dear reader, I am very happy to honour you, through his few researches, since I am small, my intenti on has always been and has remained fi rm unti l now to encourage only youth, to improve what is possible, so that they naturally abandon what the sacred texts want to bring us as well coming from the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalm etc. the following leaves a beauti ful reading. Thank you very much for the kindness and understanding.