The adventures of Finbar Nelson


Finbar Nelson, history teacher at a local school, betrayed by his wife, made a summer journey, a walk from Calais to the Mediterranean with a stray mongrel dog. On the way he encountered Camberley Jane in the Tarn Valley. Reaching the sea some weeks later and another war with Germany threatening, he returned to England and was there recruited and trained as an undercover agent for the Britain government and when returned to occupied France in 1941, Finbar’s further courage was soon to be tested to its limit and beyond.

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And then arrived the day, after almost two and a half months and hundreds of miles of walking, I finally glimpsed the sea. It was still distant: But if I may for a moment indulge my sometimes over the top hyperbole as to how I felt to see it finally, the far away destination I’d set myself to reach, sparkling before me like a million facets of a million diamonds, I just had to halt my stride to gaze and feel the emotion with a gulp in my throat and, I confess, tears in my eyes I could not restrain.

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A propos de l'auteur : Victor Maynard

Victor Maynard

Born the seventh child during the 2nd world war to an already burdened mother and then raised in an institution until the age of nine he began to read, seriously, works of all authors engendering the interest to write himself. Employed in the theatre, entertainment world, for several years until he became a father. But only when he walked the Camino de Saint Jacques for the first time and felt the absolute freedom of spirit the journey gave him the story of « the Adventures of Finbar Nelson » where already written in his imagination.