Stories My Father Never Told Me


“Stories My Father Never Told Me” is a compilation of short stories describing the life of a young artist. He is on a quest to fulfill his passion for sculpture. It retraces his events, and experiences, in various countries in Europe, America and on safari in Africa. During this journey, as an artist he has many adventures, that are described here. It is a tale of crime, betrayal, passion, and love.

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“Race you to the other side!”

Elizabeth laughed, and her tawny legs rose, and fell. She splashed the water, as she waded further into the Lagoon. Conrad responded to the challenge. He broke into the glass surface. You could see the wet earth, that hid the tips of his toes, and the small holes, that the fresh water prawns burrowed down bellow.

Page 191 l.7 à p 192 l.3

 Lila and Conrad wondered how their secret was not betrayed by the uncontrollable physical manifestation, of their shared emotion; in the expressions of their eyes, the heightened color of their faces, and in the attitudes, that their bodies unconsciously assumed.

   Page 54 1. 10 à 13

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A propos de l'auteur : Dominique Albinski

Dominique Albinski

Dominique Albinski was born in Johannesburg in 1975. Since his earliest childhood, he has been in contact with the themes, which would later appear in his art, and literature. During his youth in Southern Africa, he developed an interest in literature, and the classics. He started to write in high school, where he was Editor of the” Scribbler “,the student creative writing magazine. Love of literature, and art, brought him to study in Europe, where he had many sculpture exhibitions. His first major sculpture exhibition, was in Normandy, France. He was Professor of English, at the Ecole Francaise d’Attaché de Presse, near the Champs-Elysées, in Paris. He received the ATIM top 60 Award, and Artist of the Decade Award, in 2019/20 from Art Tour International Magazine, in New York.