Kalahari is a compilation of short stories, which are set in the ever-changing environment of post-apartheid South Africa. Wojciech’s irony and wicked sense of humour expose the darker aspects of life. Authentic images and a keen sense of observation, born of his experiences, cross racial barriers and divisions to reach the essence. Kalahari gives us a sense of the timelessness and cultural richness of Africa.

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Thus empires, offices and churches pass away, but the solemnity and importance of the Makosi family remain. Three wives, six sons, five daughters, a multitude of grandchildren, what should Makosi worry about? And who could tell him anything new?

K looked at the blue sky with a few birds floating in the air. It seemed that this shared silence was precisely the reason for his coming here. K has nothing wise to say, knows nothing that has meaning or validity. Makosi knows this, so he does not ask. This is what Makosi’s kindness and generosity are all about… And now they sit together and not a single awkward word has been spoken.


The time for refreshments came. Two girls from Makosi’s household brought in a tin tray with a cut melon. The red fruit was cut in half and then vertically into thick slices. The girls, perfectly mannered, surely daughters or relatives of the host, did not raise their eyes, but on bent legs, crouching, approached with the tray first Makosi and then K. Both of them took the soft, crumbling flesh in their fingers with pleasure and trickles of juice ran down their palms. The melon was warm and very sweet.

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A propos de l'auteur : Wojtek Albinski

Wojtek Albinski

Wojciech, Waclaw, Albinski was born in Poland, in Wlochy near Warsaw, in 1935. World War II marked him and his work deeply. He wrote essays and poems for Wspolczesznosc in the 1950s, and later for Kultura, a literary magazine in Paris. After finishing Warsaw Polytechnic, he left for Iraq and Paris. He finally settled in Geneva, Switzerland for 8 years with his wife Wanda. Later, they moved to Botswana and South Africa, where Wojtek spent most of his life. His first book was Kalahari. Others, such as Achtung Banditen, followed. They were best-sellers and were nominated for various awards (Mackewicz, Nike, Gdynia, Wroclaw). Wojtek was buried in his family grave, in Powazki cemetery in Warsaw, in 2015. Wojciech Albinski shares his long African experience with us. He draws what he relates from his own fascinating life - that is why we believe him. The beautiful language and colourful style of this book enhances its value. Ryszard Kapuscinski Wojciech Albinski debuted late but, how surprisingly, with mature prose. Kalahari is a book sophisticated in form, and rich in content. Useful in information, it draws us to the antipodes, there where the oceans reach the Cape of Good Hope, and Table Mountain. Marek Nowakowski