“Fake news,” to use the popular term, is widespread in books, magazines, and newspapers, with the result that whole segments of the events which have marked past centuries remain in the shadows: the crossing of the Red Sea; the collapse of the walls of Jericho; the ups and downs in the lives of Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Charles de Gaulle; the hidden stories behind the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Géricault, Ingres,
and Picasso; those of the musical compositions of Handel, Beethoven, Bizet, and Ravel; and those behind the discoveries of Gutenberg, Edison, Marconi, Pasteur, and Einstein. As the author suggests, this is all the more
reason for us to occasionally look back at different historical sources in order to arrive at a personal, rational, and objective understanding of the past.

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A propos de l'auteur : Daniel Bourgue

Daniel Bourgue

Daniel Bourgue ne se définit pas comme historien, mais comme chercheur, explorateur de la partie immergée de notre mémoire collective qui cache encore des faits enfouis. Cette quête ne propose ni interprétation, ni jugement, mais consiste à mettre en lumière des épisodes méconnus du grand public. C’est le chemin qu’il a suivi pour réaliser ses précédents ouvrages : Le Tour du monde en 80 ans, La Voix de la montagne, Le trésor de Saint Drézéry et Poèmes fantasques. Bio : Writer, lecturer, musician, and poet, Daniel Bourgue has appeared all over the world. Critics unanimously called him one of the best horn soloists of his generation, praising his virtuosity, his beautiful sound, and the elegance and purity of his style. A recipient of several “Grand prix du disque” for his recordings, he now devotes himself to writing. Already the author of numerous pedagogical works, he has published his autobiography, Around the World in 80 Years, as well as The Voice of the Mountain (short stories), The Treasure of SaintDrézéry (Byzantine frescoes), and Songs of Love (a collection of poetry).