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The present treatise – in parallel to the finesse of accurate pronunciation that considers different sounds and their juxtaposition in words – propounds a concept of orthoepy that englobes the intertwining correlations between word-accent, enunciation, orthography, and etymology.

In consonance with the above, and in connate definientia, orthoepy, as a forthrightly literal designator, in an involute vernacular, is a model that associates spelling and pronunciation, by dint of word-accent, devoid of semasiological content, onto a discrete whole of idiosyncratic inherent continua that convey a tangible dichotomy between linguality and orthography, within the confines of a stipulatory recountal that yokes written letters, or groups of letters, and verbal sounds, or groups of sounds, into an assemblage, likened to a reciprocal speculum and synchronised polarizable reflector, comprising euphonically harmonious components that account for relevant intrinsic properties having a bearing on the matter at hand, whereby a locutor extrapolates illatively, without let or hindrance, the combinatorial phonemic arrangements and ingrained enunciable alignments.

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In algorithmic terms, orthoepy is a demarcated ensemble of unequivocal tenor that, given some compendia particulars, can be exploited, forthwith and in a wide array, by utilisers that are unacquainted with technically abstruse or recondite words. Vocables that are beyond one’s ken, from a pronunciational standpoint, can be guessed in a prescribed method that enables the production of an accurate enunciation.

The word-accent system, as per its inherent rules, in sympathy with a matrix, subsumes inculcating principles, under its combinatorial processing, that readily yield congruous orthoepic rules from assumed premises, in line with logical deductions, or after the manner of coherent probability.

Primary word-accent, lineally and etymically, encoded in a cryptogrammatic script, lends itself to orthoepic productivity, much like an algebraic compendium wherewith every item is encrypted in an inseverable vinculum.

Accentuality, quasi systematically, determines and dictates the orthoepic values; the syllables receiving primary word-accent establish, in rhythmic oscillations, the syllabic prominence distribution. Syllables that do not carry primary word-accent are, from that source, orthoepically modifiable, receiving allotments that are meted out in assent with the situational status.

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Bekim Bejta

Bekim Bejta is a Kosovar Albanian lexicologist, morphologist, syntactician, semanticist, poet, litterateur, and translator. He has published numerous books in English, French, Albanian, Adyghe, and Latin. He studied at the University of Poitiers (1992-2002), France, where he obtained a PhD in 2002. He was mentored by the erudite professors Jean-Louis Duchet, Michel Paillard, Paul Wass, Jean Chuquet, and Hélène Chuquet. Research and academic work performed at La Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société de Poitiers (1997-2005). Anecdotally, he holds several pushups world records.