Adyghe Phonemics


The present book aims at putting forward a thorough list of Adyghe phonemes, while the phonemic treatment revolves around the principles that govern the well-established IPA system. At present, the Adyghe language in Caucasus is heavily influenced by the Russian intonation and pronunciation. Similarly, the Adyghe language spoken in Turkey is overwhelmingly influenced by the Turkish intonation and pronunciation. It goes the same for the Adyghe spoken in other countries, as the pronunciation was altered under the influence of the official languages spoken in those countries. The present work is elaborated with the sole purpose of illustrating the Adyghe phonemic inventory in its totality. It comprises a thorough description of the Adyghe sounds in their original form that is still maintained in the isolate Abzakh dialect spoken by half a dozen people.

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The scarce studies devoted to the Adyghe language have left out a considerable number of phonemes. The authors were not native speakers; contrastingly, the Adyghe speakers were not linguists. Ergo, information exchange between the authorial linguists and the natives was hindered by this constant. In this configuration, the deficient phonetic inventory of the linguists arguably encumbers their auditory acuity, while the native surveyees lack phonetic acumen. In other words, the phonemic nuances cannot by discerned by the linguists’ perception if insufficiently assisted by the respondents’ feedback.

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Bekim Bejta

Bekim Bejta is a Kosovar Albanian lexicologist, morphologist, syntactician, semanticist, poet, litterateur, and translator. He has published numerous books in English, French, Albanian, Adyghe, and Latin. He studied at the University of Poitiers (1992-2002), France, where he obtained a PhD in 2002. He was mentored by the erudite professors Jean-Louis Duchet, Michel Paillard, Paul Wass, Jean Chuquet, and Hélène Chuquet. Research and academic work performed at La Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société de Poitiers (1997-2005). Anecdotally, he holds several pushups world records.