Wladimir Guglinski


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1973 at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in
1989 a tragic event changed his perception of life and the world, and he felt the need to verify that what physicists had discovered really represented the exact picture of what exists in nature.
Physicists say that the merit and veracity of a scientific theory are evaluated through the scientific method, whose fundamental parameter of confirmation is the confrontation of theory with experimental verification. Therefore, physicists guaranteed that, because they are totally faithful to the scientific method, if you develop a new theory, elaborated on new foundations and it is confirmed by experiments, then they will accept your theory. He believed what physicists say, that scientists are totally loyal to the scientific  method. And since he was sure that some principles adopted in physics could not be correct, so if he could find new principles that would eliminate the paradoxes, and his new theory gained experimental proof, physicists would recognize his theory, and accept it. confident in the fidelity of physicists to the scientific method, he decided to undertake an investigation. He abandoned engineering and dedicated himself to pursuit a new scientific truth. And he discovered new fundamentals of physics. But he also discovered something as surprising as the new fundamentals: he discovered that physicists lie, claiming that they are totally faithful to the scientific method.

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